AdsCorpMedia Rewarded Me For Reviewing Their Ad Network

AdsCorpMedia Reward To MeHi all, i feel happy to announce that AdsCorpMedia has rewarded me for reviewing and comparing their ad network with others.

Last month, I had written a review and a comparison about AdsCorpMedia on our website. Both of the articles you can find here, AdsCorpMedia Review and AdsCorpMedia Vs AdHexa – Comparison.

I think there are three main reasons for selecting me to reward, the first is, i have written a genuine review about AdsCorpMedia.

From the very start of this ad network, it was looking good and therefore, i selected it to promote as you can understand i also have to promote some selected ad networks to get paid and run this website. And, you all know that most of the income from this website is come either in the form of referrals earning or direct advertising.

While writing a review about AdsCorpMedia i found most of the necessary details on their website and whenever i found any details missing or something confusing, i contacted them to assist me and i am more than happy to say that they quickly replied me every time. This could be also a possible reason that i was in frequent contact with them.

The second reason that i think could be, i have send some publishers to their ad network which i think are helping them to better serve their advertisers.

And the third possible reason could be, they might have thought, why not to provide a payment proof to support the review. Since, its a new ad network and people don’t believe new ad networks quickly and possibly that is why they rewarded me so that people can come to know that they are a paying ad network.

However, i have not included this payment as a payment proof on the review, just because it came as a reward but still you can consider it as a Payment Proof because an ad network that can pay a person just for reviewing their ad network (That was not a Paid Review) could pay its publishers too.

You can see the two screenshots of mails, one is my query and other is their reply. There are following things that you can notice while you see these images. The first is, how fast they replied my query and the other, how calmly they replied my all the queries.

My Mail To AdsCorpMedia:

My Mail To AdsCorpMediaAdsCorpMedia Reply:

AdsCorpMedia Reply

To enlarge the images please click on them.

They rewarded me with 10$ for reviewing their ad network. Below i have included the payment proof which will not only show you that i have got paid from them but you can consider it as the latest payment proof from this network. This payment proof also shows that they are paying ad network, so, you can join them without any hesitation.

AdsCorpMedia Payment Proof:

AdsCorpMedia Payment Proof

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AdsCorpMedia is a new ad network but currently it is looking good and is a paying ad network, so, you can join this network to earn money.

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