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amitad review global cpa affiliate networkMany people start website with an aim of making money online but not everybody gets successful. The reason behind their failure is their lack of knowledge of making money online.

Usually, most newbies think that they will create a simple website and then, they will put some ads on it and that’s it. They will start making huge money out of it. But, this is far away from reality. To earn a good income from your website you cannot rely only on ads because they need some good amount of traffic. So, if you do not have good amount of traffic then you cannot earn good money from ads.

So, in this case affiliate marketing comes into play as it doesn’t need tons of traffic instead it needs only quality traffic. Many professional bloggers and website owners are making millions of dollars every month through affiliate marketing. It is one of the best way to make money from a website. To those who are not familiar with affiliate marketing let me tell you briefly:

What is Affiliate Marketing ?

Affiliate Marketing is basically a process of promoting others products and services for money. In more simple words, in affiliate marketing affiliates promote advertisers products through various means: mainly website; and whenever their visitors purchase the advertisers’ products following their recommendations then affiliates get some commissions for that.

In affiliate marketing, it is not necessary to promote only products and services to get commissions. You can also get paid for actions performed with advertiser’s ads by your website visitors. Thus, this type of marketing is known as Cost-Per-Action Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing ?

What Is CPA Marketing ?

The term CPA stands for Cost Per Action. In this type of marketing affiliates get paid for completing actions. Basically in CPA marketing, affiliates refer their visitors to perform some actions and upon their completion they get paid for it.

These actions could be registering on a website, sale of a commodity, download of a file etc. Usually, affiliates get paid around 0.10$ to 50$ and sometimes even higher for each target ‘action’. The amount of commission depends on the type of ‘action’ you are performing, and the program you have chosen to work for.

What Is admitad ? All You Need To Know About It !

admitad is an affiliate network which accumulates tons of CPA affiliate programs in one place. This is a global network of affiliate programs suggested by advertisers from various GEOs also. Thus, it provides opportunity to worldwide affiliates and advertisers to take advantage of its advanced platform and high quality service.

With admitad, affiliates can earn higher revenue by promoting their top quality offers, whereas advertisers can accomplish their marketing goals by finding reliable sources of marketing.

admitad is one the biggest affiliate networks as it has 553000+ active publishers and 1350+ active advertisers worldwide. These huge numbers are enough to tell how big and popular this affiliate network is.

admitad was launched in 2010 and, since then, it shows a continuous growth . Right now, it has 7 offices worldwide with the headquarter located in Heilbronn, Germany. This network works with top brands from all over the world. Therefore, it offers The highest rates to affiliates. Some of the top brands that admitad works with are Aliexpress, eBay, Citibank, Nike, Adidas,, Target Microsoft, Emirates, Domino’s etc.. admitad has strongest Geo by volume in areas of the world like USA, Russia, Western Europe, UK and India.

Why admitad Is So Popular ?

admitad is known for its reliability, high rates and quality of service. The number of affiliates and advertisers are enough to tell the popularity of this network. admitad exists for over 7 years and it is continuously growing.

Many affiliates are already making huge money with this network and therefore, they recommend admitad as the first option to other affiliates.

Since, this network has a huge base of affiliates, so, it provides good-quality service to advertisers.Therefore, this network is also very popular among the advertisers. I have already mentioned some top brands that are working with this network. Apart from them, there are many other local and international brands that are currently working with this network.

The simple reason behind the popularity of this network is that it works for everybody! Whether you are an affiliate or an advertiser, admitad produces the best results for you.

Why admitad is so popular ?

Why You Should Join admitad ?

There are various benefits of joining admitad that you should know as an affiliate:


Reliability is the major factor that makes affiliate to join a particular network. As I have already mentioned above that this network is working for over 7 years that is itself enough to judge about reliability of this network. Any scammer network cannot survive for such a  long period of time.

Also, admitad has grown year by year, and its revenue has constantly exceeded by 100% during these years. So, any network which is generating huge profit every year cannot be a scam Network.

admitad pays its affiliates on time and every time. This, again, speaks for reliability of this network. They know the importance of money for affiliates and, therefore, they never miss any payment. Their finance team works hard to ensure the brand safety and trust among affiliates. So, you can join this network confidently without being worried about payments or any kind of scam activities.

An In-house Proprietary Platform:

admitad unites affiliates and advertisers on one platform and gives them an entry to the global market. It helps affiliates to earn higher revenues whereas advertisers to reach their desired Targets.

It provides all sort of tools to both affiliates and advertisers that help them to easily reach their targets. The transparent analytics and anti-fraud protection system provide detailed stats to them and protect them from any kind of fraud activities.

Easy To Use Interface:

The platform offered by admitad provides an easy to use interface to both publishers and advertisers. They offer a simple ‘signup’ process to affiliates where they just need to fill in a simple registration form and submit it. After that they can instantly login to their accounts.

Inside affiliate account, everything is quite simple to understand. All the necessary options are arranged in an easy-to-pick manner so that affiliates can easily navigate to different sections of their account.

Covers Various Verticals:

This is the thing that makes admitad different from various other affiliate networks. Most of the affiliate networks provide offers from only few verticals which make it difficult for affiliates to find suitable offers for their website. But, this is not the problem with admitad. The network has already tied up with various affiliate programs for different products and services, so, you will never face any difficulty in finding the matching offers for your website. Some of the verticals for which admitad has got regular campaigns are represented by e-commerce, online services, financial offers, mobile offers, online games, travel & tourism etc.

Low Minimum Payout & Quick Payments:

Unlike some other top affiliate networks, admitad doesn’t impose high minimum payout limit on affiliates. It offers a very low minimum payout limit that even new affiliates can easily reach. The minimum payout is only 10$.

The low minimum payout also helps affiliates to test the reliability of this network. So, if you have any doubts regarding this network then you can earn this small amount and withdraw your earnings to test its reliability. I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Also, as i have already mentioned above that this network knows the importance of money for affiliates and therefore, it pays them quickly on a Weekly basis.

Multiple Payment Options:

admitad doesn’t like giving any kind of inconvenience to affiliates and, therefore, it offers multiple payment options to them. On this network affiliates can withdraw their earnings via PayPal, ePayments and Wire Transfer in all major currencies.

Detailed Stats Reporting System:

admitad offers one of the best stats reporting system in the industry. Its stats reporting provides detailed stats for all the offers you are promoting. With its stats reporting system you can generate various types of reports based on actions, ad space, program, time, CPC, Sub id etc.

Its stats reporting system also offers various graphs and filters that make it easier for affiliates to analyze their data and optimize their offers for the best performance. It also offers an export option which allows affiliates to export their stats in XML and XLS format.

Wide Range Of Tools:

admitad is one of the very few affiliate networks that offer a wide range of tools to affiliates that they can use to maximize their earnings. Some of the tools offered by this network are AdServer, Postback URL, Deeplink Generator, Short links, Link Checker, Protection from AdBlock, Domain Parking, Broken links, WordPress Plugin and many more.

Dedicated Support:

admitad provides a dedicated support to its clients. Whether you are an affiliate or an advertiser, you will get a great support from admitad. Also, they offer multilingual support, so, you can also contact them in your own native language and they will reply you in your own Language!

They have a ticket-based support system where they answer to all raised tickets quickly. admitad has an experienced support staff, so, you can contact them for any kind of query, related to their network, campaign optimization, increasing revenues or anything related to affiliate marketing.


If you are looking for an affiliate network which can offer higher rates and good quality service then you can join admitad. It concentrates the best affiliate programs in one place and, therefore, it gives you numerous alternatives to finding and joining individual affiliate programs.

Also, lots of exclusive offers in various verticals, detailed & transparent stats, wide range of monetization tools, dedicated support and low minimum payout make this network a must-join network. So, I strongly recommend this network to everybody who is looking for ways to monetize traffic with exclusive offers.

Thinking Of Joining admitad ?


admitad Details At A Glance:

Network Type: CPA, CPL, CPS, Affiliate Network
Ad Formats: Affiliate Offers
Minimum Payout: $10
Payment Frequency: Weekly
Payment Methods: PayPalWire Transfer, ePayments
Email: Use Their Contact Form
Website URL:

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