Ad5ve Review

Ad5ve ReviewAd5ve, which is pronounced as Adfive is a new advertising network which was established in 2014. It is a CPM, CPC model based advertising network which pays its publishers for displaying ads on their websites.

Ad5ve offers different ad formats that allow you to earn maximum revenue through their network. They offer their advertisers ads as well as Google ads to publishers, so, that they can earn some good revenue. But, for showing Google Adsense ads on your site you have to make a special request to activate your account your for Google ads.

Ad5ve provides a single account to both advertisers and publishers. So, once you log in to your account then you can see two different sections – one for advertising and other for publishing that is publishers account.

One thing that i want to add here for advertisers is, Ad5ve gives 0.50$ in advertisers account as a free credit and the advertising rates on this network starts only at 1$. So, to check the effectiveness of their network you have to invest 50 cents only.

Requirements And Restrictions:

Publishers requirements and restrictions are not clearly mentioned on their site at the moment but the things that i have noticed and think are:

  • There is no minimum traffic requirement.
  • As they provide Google ads too, so, i don’t think that they accept adult sites.

For more info you can contact them

Sign Up And Approval:

To sign up on Ad5ve you have to fill up and submit a small form. And, after that you can instantly log in to your account. But, for showing ads on your site you have to submit your site for approval. And also, if you want to show Google Adsense ads on your site then you have to make an additional request for that.

You can submit your site and request for Google ads under sites management link in your account. The approval is easy but they take 3-4 days to approve or disapprove sites.

Ad Formats:

They offer three different ad formats, which are floating banner ads, banner ads, and pop-under ads. They offer all standard banner sizes.

Stats Reporting System:

Stats reporting system offered by Ad5ve is good. It shows stats in real time. On Ad5ve’s reporting system you can see your daily earnings, page views, clicks, earnings from different banners. It also has a separate referral reporting system where you can see your referrals earnings report.

Minimum Payout:

The minimum payout on Ad5ve is 50$.

Payment Frequency:

Ad5ve pays its publishers within 5 days of payment request.

Referral Program:

Ad5ve offers a good 10% referral commission program. But, the referral program offered by Ad5ve is not for lifetime it is valid only for 6 months that means if you refer someone then he/she will become your referral only for six months and during this period you will receive 10% commission on his/her earnings (if referral is a publisher) or on spent amount (if referral is an advertiser).

Network Closed !

Thinking Of Joining Ad5ve ?

sign up nowAd5ve Details At A Glance:

Network Type:  CPC, CPM
Ad Formats:  Floating Banner Ads, Banner Ads, Pop-Under Ads
Minimum Payout:  50$
Payment Frequency:  Within 5 days of request
Payment Methods:  PayPal only
Network Popularity:  Low
Requirement/Restrictions:  –
Payment Proof:  Coming Soon
Website URL:  http://ad5ve(.)com

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