5 Best Pop Under Advertising Networks

5 Best Pop Under Ad NetworksPop Under advertising is a very popular and effective advertising, it generates good results for both publishers as well as advertisers.

Pop under ads are less intrusive and provide a full window ad to advertisers whereas on the other side it generates high revenue for publishers because they show a full page ad to their websites visitors.

There is another thing that makes pop under advertising very popular and effective – pop ads do not acquire any space on the publishers website and therefore they can show other ads on their website to earn even more. So, overall pop under advertising is beneficial for both publishers and advertisers.

Pop under ads generate high revenue for websites that provide videos, mp3 songs, software file, affiliate marketing sites or any website on which visitors click frequently on links or something else. The reason behind generating high revenues for such sites is pretty simple, as most of the pop under ad networks provide pop under ads that are activated only when a visitor clicks somewhere on the publisher’s website.

Pop under ads are less intrusive or in simple words you can say that they are less annoying as compared to interstitial ads or visit scripts because pop under ads activate on new windows and these windows opens up behind the active window. These windows remain active till a visitor closes them. In that way advertisers surely get impressions on their ads whereas publishers get full money for impressions.

Now, i think i have discussed enough about the benefits of showing pop ads on your website, so, its time to find out the best pop under advertising networks.

In last one year i have used some new and old pop under advertising networks on my websites to find out the best ad networks that fulfill my expectations and generate high revenue for my traffic. So, now i think i have found some best ad networks that i would like to share with you so that you can save your time by eliminating the low revenue generating networks.

So, below is a list of 5 best pop under advertising networks:


PopCash is a specialized pop under advertising network. This is one of the best pop under ad network which offers high CPM rates to worldwide publishers. PopCash pays you for every impressions, so, you will be earning money for all your traffic.

PopCash service is great they offers fast payment, low minimum payout and a dedicated support. They provide various options to contact them, you can chat with them anytime on messenger, contact them via email or their contact form and even you can do a video chat with them on Skype.

This ad network generates high revenue for me than any other ad network and therefore, i am still using it on one of my website. The minimum payout is only 10$ and they pay within 1-7 days of a payment request.

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This is also a premium pop under advertising network. PopAds also offers very high CPM to its publishers. It accepts publishers from all around the world and excepts all kind of websites like low or high traffic websites, sub-domain sites, adult content sites etc.

They offer Geo-targeted ads to its publishers as it has thousands of advertisers all around the world. One thing that i forgot mention about PopCash is, it also accepts adult sites, so, adult site owners can also give them a try.

Now lets come back on our topic, PopAds offers lower minimum payout than PopCash, which is only 5$ that is just half of PopCash. Its payment frequency is also better than PopCash as its pays on daily basis. You can consider this network as a wallet from which you can cash-out your money anytime. PopAds is also one of my favorite ad network.

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If you are looking for a complete solution for your website then PropellerAds is a great choice as it offers Pop-under Ads and Banner Ads. However, its pop ads service is better as compared to its banner ads. It also offers high CPM rates for pop under ads and therefore, i have included it to the list. PropellerAds offers various payment options and pays its publishers on time and every time. Giving a try to PropellerAds is not a bad option.

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Another great network that you will love to join. PopMyAds is as popular as the above mentioned ad networks. It also provides high eCPM and 100% fill rate. PopMyAds also has low eligibility criteria, so, all publishers can apply to join this network.

Like the above three ad networks it also accepts adult content websites, so, adult website owners can also give it a try. It also offers a low minimum payout which is 5$ only and like PopCash, it also pays within 1-7 days. PopMyAds support is very quick and responsive, you can contact them anytime regarding your queries. They reply very fast on users queries.

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This network is new as compared to all the above 4 ad networks but it also offers very good services and facilities that you will definitely like. Like all 4 ad networks, it also accepts all kind of websites including adult content websites.

With CPMoz you can generate good revenue from your website as it counts each and every impression. They are also one the fastest paying ad network which pays its users on daily basis and the minimum payout is also low, which is just 5$.

There are few cons in this network like its CPM is average and their stats reporting system doesn’t show live stats whereas all the above networks show live stats or with a delay of one or two hours only.

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linebreak If you are using/already used these networks then you can share your experiences in comments. I would also like to know about your favorite pop under networks.

I hope you have enjoyed the article.

Happy Earnings 🙂

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